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Top 10 Reasons to Belong to
KSLA Brandywine Valley Forge

10. To belong to a group of like-minded educators to share the journey with and to imagine, dream, act, and achieve professional goals together.

9. To be able to list a professional organization membership on your resumé.

8. To receive our newsletter and PA Reads Journal as additional services to members.

7. To support local chapter members and state level members to reach their goals and provide support for activities to improve literacy for all students.

6. To bond with educators at the local and state levels and create lifelong friendships.

5. To be able to participate in monthly virtual webinars – free and exclusive for members.

4. To be able to participate in local chapter events – free to members.

3. To be able to participate in local committee work to support literacy endeavors in your community and across the world. 

2. To acquire mentors and confidants as guides and resources to broaden your horizons      and help you achieve your professional goals.

1. To open a dialogue to address positive ways to reinforce actions to embrace diversity. 

As a KSLA Brandywine Valley Forge member, you receive newsletters highlighting the current happenings within the chapter and community.  You also enjoy access to all professional development programs throughout the year.  

You are automatically enrolled as a member of the Keystone State Literacy Association (KSLA).  You receive KSLA newsletters and a discounted registration to the annual KSLA conference.

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